5 Steps to Writing Read-Worthy Content

It’s easy to call yourself a writer these days, especially when almost everyone is a blogger which as we all know, doesn’t require any technical writing skills in order to be published. When it comes down to it, what sets a good writer apart from the rest of the population is the ability to be captivating with your words, and to understand that it’s more than just knowing how to put sentences together.

If you want to make a difference in the world of writing, it’s imperative to know and understand the steps that are required to have engaging, read-worthy content that people want to talk about. Here are five steps worth taking that will lead you to writing success, regardless of your writing experience.


It’s not uncommon to see an article every now and then reflecting back on something that happened a couple of weeks ago, but most of the time, people don’t care about old news. If you want to be a good writer with engaging content, you have to be relevant and write about the now. Whether it’s politics, restaurants, or celebrity gossip, make it current and make it something that people can talk about.

Single idea paragraphs

It’s okay to be excited about a topic, especially if it’s really juicy, but before you start writing, remember that it’s always a bad move to mix multiple ideas into the same paragraphs. Just like writing a run-on sentence is a big no-no, it’s just as bad to mix multiple ideas into the same paragraph. This is because people’s attention spans are short and if you don’t cut your topics into sections, a readers’ overall focus can get lost.

Include sub-headings

Adding another visual item to the list, sub-headings are an important factor in writing read-worthy content. While sub-headings don’t have much to do with your grammar or writing style, including sub-headings in an article will keep your ideas organized and will be much easier for the reader to follow.

Use personality

One of the most important steps to writing something that other people want to read is to include personality in your writing. As opposed to reading something where you write with proper grammar and refuse to use conjunctions, wouldn’t you rather read something that flows just the way it would if you were listening to someone speak? Don’t be afraid to throw your opinion in there, be creative with your vocabulary and author something that you yourself would want to read.


I can’t stress this step enough. Proofread, proofread, proofread! After you write an article, look over it at least three times before hitting publish. Putting out content that isn’t 100 percent makes you look lazy and unprofessional, and catching a type-o in someone else’s work makes their content and the research they put into the article less reliable. Always check for errors and this way, you can be totally confident in the work that you’re putting out to the public.

In order to be an effective and successful writer, these five steps will certainly help get you started. Don’t forget to be yourself and make sure that your passion for the subject matter reflects in your writing. Produce content that you’re proud of and chances are, others will enjoy reading what you have to say as well!

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