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My name is Cassie Jaufmann, and I started working for Mountain Media as their new Social Media Specialist earlier this month. Although “specialist” is my professional title, I like to think of myself as a Social Media Queen. I am extremely energetic (and positive), and work hard to stay ahead of the latest news, trends, and techniques. My goal here at Mountain Media is to work with you on creating the best and most efficient Social Media Strategy geared towards your personal business goals.

With that being said according to Merriam-Webster, Social media is defined as:

I personally define social media as a giant pool of possibilities. There are so many different channels, ideas, and strategies swimming around it can be overwhelming. How do you know where to start? What exactly are you supposed to be doing?

Most people…jump right in. Have you caught yourself following this strategy?

1. Logon to Facebook
2. Start posting videos, quotes, articles, and pictures.
3. Wait for “likes” to start accumulating.
4. Logon to Twitter
5. Post the same random stuff that you posted on Facebook, but add #obnoxioushashtags because you think it’s a trend
6. Wait for “followers”

Are you picking up on what I’m throwing down? If not, please refer to this cartoon by Tom Fishburne for a clearer picture of what NOT to do with your Social Media Plan

Social Media can be great. It really allows you to reach a larger audience if you know how to utilize it correctly. Just simply “being” on Facebook doesn’t really do much for your business (other than give it an actual presence). Comparatively speaking, it would be similar to having your phone number and business name listed in the yellow pages.

Want to do more? Start by defining your goal. If you are drawing a blank–resort back to the old fashion way and ask yourself the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How questions to see if anything sparks inspiration.

Why do you want to be on Social Media? What kind of results are you trying to generate? How are you going to measure success? Where in the social media pool will you target your efforts? Who will be responsible for managing these efforts.

Information overload? I apologize. Start with the Why. And build from there.

Maybe you are trying to build brand awareness and recognition of your product?
Perhaps you are an online business looking for lead generation and possible sales?

To each their own, it is safe to say every strategy is going to be different. Keep it simple and grow your strategy over time. Don’t rush it. Social media is evolving and there is no way you can tackle it all over night.

If you are interested in learning more about a Social Media, please feel free to connect with me professionally for more tips and tricks.

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