Your Brand and the New Google+ Cover Photos

If you’re not on Google+ yet, you should be. If you recall in a previous article, I mentioned the reasons why Google+ is an important social media network to be on in 2013, and with recent changes to their platform, there’s no better time than now to jump in. One of the most recent changes you might notice is the increased size of cover photos on profile and business pages. Rather than the previous 180 px cover photo size, they are now sized at 2120 x 1192. While this dramatic size change is forcing brands to replace their old images with new ones, finding the perfect image to fill this rather large space is important for your brand. Make the most of your Google+ cover photo by following the tips below.

Show off your company

As a consumer, when you’re looking to use or purchase from a company or business, what’s important to you? When it comes to their online presence, people love to see businesses that are active on social media who show their personalities through content and visuals. Personally, when I see a company promoting employee satisfaction and showcases a positive working environment, it correlates to a higher level of trust with the brand.

This is why the new Google+ cover photo size is perfect for showcasing your employees. Whether it’s a team picture with everyone wearing the same t-shirts or a goofy picture showing a peek of the brand culture, use this cover photo to paint a positive image of your company and the people who work there.

Highlight services or products

Another great option when coming up with ideas for your newly sized Google+ cover photo is to highlight the products or services that your company offers. This is a perfect opportunity to draw attention to something your company is most proud of or the newest product you’re currently working to promote. It doesn’t have to be a single product either. A personal favorite of mine to follow on Google+ is Taco Bell who kills it with their social media marketing, especially when they have a new menu item coming out, such as the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco.


Because the new cover photo is so large, brands have the opportunity to really get creative with imagery. Teasers and announcements are some of the best ways to make use of this additional space, especially if you need to include a short message or tag line. Announcing something visually is perfect for anything from an upcoming album release, new product introduction or even a highly anticipated event announcement. If this is the route you plan on taking, just be careful of one thing – once your event or announcement is over, don’t forget to take down the image and replace it with something more relevant and timely.

Brands that take advantage of the massive real estate space that Google+ now offers in their profiles are definitely doing it right, and it’s evident with their fan base. As Google+ is growing at a rapid pace, being ahead of the curve is going to help you succeed in your efforts to engage and interact with your target audience and demographic. By following the tips above, you have a fighting chance to have a seriously awesome Google+ profile. Remember to be creative, be relevant and showcase your company as positively as you can and you’ll see the positives that can result from it.

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