5 Ways Your Business Benefits from MSP Marketing

Lead generation. Brand awareness. More sales. These are all the reasons we hear from our clients about why they want to talk to us about MSP Marketing. It’s a common theme for businesses. We all want the most efficient path to leads so we can close the sale. How does that happen? Let’s talk about how the Mountain Media team can support you reaching your goals.

Benefits from MSP Marketing

What do we mean when we say MSP Marketing? The term stands for Managed Service Provider Marketing. It’s a niche for a specific industry that focuses on inbound and outbound marketing including search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and paid advertising via social media and/or Google Ads. Using these tactics, we can generate leads for our clients. That said, here are five ways your business benefits from MSP Marketing.

  1. Outsourced marketing. Tired of being responsible for marketing your business? Ready to hand off to the experts? We understand! When your business gets busy, you’re likely focused on serving your clients rather than marketing. As a result, business can suffer in the long run so why not outsource to Mountain Media!
  2. Identify Target Market. Oftentimes marketing strategies are implemented without identifying the target market. This doesn’t make sense as we need to know who we’re talking to in our marketing pieces. As a result, you don’t see the leads and can’t close sales, or worse, they’re bad leads and you’re wasting time. That’s why we begin with a clear picture of your target clients; we want to market in the right places to the right people.
  3. Cost of learning. Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape. What’s an hour of your time worth? If it’s taking your hours to learn and implement a new strategy, like Google Ads, then it’s time to consider hiring an MSP marketing We already have the experts in place to help you identify and meet your marketing goals.
  4. Shorten and accelerate the sales cycle. With experts on your team, we can implement multiple strategies to give your business the boost you need. As a result, the sales cycle will be accelerated and shortened.
  5. Focused content and ads. To reach your target audience, we first identify them, and then create content around questions they’re asking as well as keyword research. We then promote that content to them, so they see your brand/company as the expert.

MSP Marketing is specific marketing to your target audience whether it’s manufacturing, healthcare, accounting, legal, engineering, or other industries. We’re here to support your business and help it grow in meaningful ways by marketing to your target audience where they are spending time.



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Benefits of MSP Marketing

Are you marketing your MSP company and not seeing the results you desire? Are you struggling to enhance local SEO? Are you spending on paid media and not seeing results? It’s time to consider MSP Marketing as the strategy to get your business seen by more of your ideal clients.

Marketing is not one size fits all.

What works for one business or industry, may not be as effective for another. MSP Marketing is designed to specifically support managed IT service providers increase visibility and sales. Combining website design and development, search engine optimization, inbound and outbound marketing, email campaigns, and paid advertising, Mountain Media will help you grow the online presence of your business.

Benefits of MSP Marketing

How businesses are marketing has changed since the pandemic. Website design and development has become a greater focus. Companies are seeing the value of owning their website, an asset to any marketing plan. As a result, more are creating new sites or revamping older ones, in conjunction with other strategies. The benefits of MSP marketing include the following.

  • Increase online presence. 97% of Americans own a cellphone which they use to search the internet. That means your business needs to be found easily online. MSP marketing strategically places your business on the map, so to speak, and gets it in front of your ideal clients and prospects.
  • Word of mouth can only grow your business to a certain point. Thinking ahead of the curve and being willing to market differently over time will keep your business and marketing fresh.
  • No need to rely solely on social media platforms for leads. This can be tiresome and often does not lead to the people you want to reach. Combining a social media plan with a website content plan can increase visibility to the people you want to reach while weeding out the ones you don’t.
  • It’s not just about the website. Reaching your ideal customers where they are through a strategic combination of backend and frontend SEO, paid advertising, and content creation.
  • Grow your business in a planned way. Marketing is a marathon not a sprint so planning and implementing now will grow business in the months and years to come.

Mountain Media is experienced with MSP marketing and is here to support your team in developing a plan to grow your business.

Working with Mountain Media

As our client, we will work with you to identify or refine your ideal customer. What are their biggest challenges? What unique solution does your business offer? Then we develop a plan to reach that audience.

Marketing isn’t a one time or fast solution but working with the MSP marketing team at Mountain Media, your business will gain online visibility that increases leads and grows the customer base.

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Two Ways You Can Use Structured Data to Enhance Your Local SEO

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Structured data is a missed opportunity for many companies, even those already focusing on their websites’ search engine optimization. While taking advantage of schema markup to enhance search results isn’t uncommon, many companies ignore the opportunities they have to improve their online presence. One of the best ways to use structured data if you own a business with a physical location that customers visit is to leverage structured data for your local SEO.

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3 Common Mistakes for Companies New to Digital Marketing

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