Act of Kindness #2: Bring a Random Patient a Bouquet of Flowers

With Christmas being only two weeks away, the staff at Mountain Media thought it would be great to just truly surprise someone who could use it. We decided to pay a visit to the Saratoga Hospital and randomly pick a patient who hasn’t had a lot of visitors.

When we arrived at the Saratoga Hospital, I informed the front desk staff about our Kindness Campaign and the Act we were trying to accomplish. Followed by some smiles, they both decided someone on the Nursing Home Floor would be best choice here.

They gave us directions to the elevator and instructed us to go to the second floor. Off of the elevator, the friendly nursing home staff greeted us. I caught a couple smiles along the way and people were whispering about how pretty the bouquet was. The excitement was building as the nurses discussed who they thought deserved it.

They decided on a lovely little lady named Vilma. They led us to the dining room where Vilma was eating lunch with her friends. She was so confused at first, but once she realized we were giving her flowers, a couple tears started to shed. I got down on her level and asked how she was. I introduced myself and wanted to let her know that I was thinking about her. I wished her a Happy Holiday and asked her if she would take a picture with me. After a couple tries we finally got her to look at the camera. I left the bouquet with the nurses and headed out. Just before I left the lunchroom I looked back and shot her with one of the biggest smiles and waved goodbye. The smile on her face as she waved back is something I will forever take with me. Mission complete. I knew that we had just made her day.

The best part about this whole experience, is knowing that Vilma will continue to smile every time she sees those flowers. I feel extremely blessed to not only be a part of Mountain Media, but to have had the opportunity to do something as special as this.

To see more pictures from the day, check out Mountain Media’s Facebook Page! Stay tuned for more stories to come. The fun is just getting started!



Thank you to The Posie Peddler for the beautiful holiday bouquet. Your store is adorable and I can’t wait to explore more of it on my free time.

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12 Acts of Christmas Kindness

Last year, the events in Newtown, Connecticut encouraged us, and many others across the nation, to participate in random acts of kindness. While each act made Mountain Media feel warm and fuzzy inside, I ask myself, why does it take a tragedy like such for us to preform acts of kindness?

It shouldn’t. For this reason, Mountain Media has decided to celebrate 12 Acts of Christmas Kindness. Each act is not entirely random, but they are some pretty nice gestures. Our goal is to inspire others to practice kindness and pay it forward. We have created a landing page dedicated to our good deeds, and we encourage you to get involved by performing, supporting and inspiring acts of kindness!

Our 12 Acts of Christmas Kindness include:

  1. Donate to Toys For Tots
  2. Take flowers to local hospital
  3. Pick up the tab for a stranger
  4. Bring Santa coffee
  5. Donate to a food pantry
  6. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  7. Give a homeless person a gift card
  8. Leave exact change at the laundry mat
  9. Donate to a local shelter
  10. Give someone a lottery ticket
  11. Bake cookies for local police and fire departments
  12. Donate to a local charity

I leave you with this…

Spread the love! ✌

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