Acts of Kindness #4 and #5: Small Token of Our Appreciation

While we’d like every act to be as generous as donating to Toys For Tots or the Wilton Food Pantry, it’s simply not possible. For that reason, we’ve preformed a couple acts of kindness to show our fellow citizens a small token of our appreciation.

Act #4 – On Thursday, Cassie and I had the opportunity to sneak out of the busy office and venture off to Broadway. Our mission was to find a stranger and give him or her a scratch off. We thought to ourselves, what better place than Saratoga Coffee Traders to find a deserving citizen? Lo and behold, we found Trevor, headphones in, diligently typing away on his laptop. We politely interrupted him by saying, “You’ve just experience a random act of kindness!” He immediately knew what we were doing, as he mentioned participating in a similar campaign back in college. Needless to say, Trevor was the perfect person to surprise that day. He was kind, well-informed and very thankful.

Act #5 – Every Friday at Mountain Media, we enjoy something called Bagel Friday. Our generous boss, James Curley, stops by Uncommon Grounds before work and picks up a dozen bagels and cream cheese. Some days, if we’re really good boys and girls, he whips up some amazing breakfast sandwiches! But that’s besides the point… This morning, I had the pleasure of joining him at Uncommon Grounds for a stealth mission. After placing his weekly order, Jim kindly asked the lady behind him if he could pick up her tab. Surprised, she asked him what for. He simply replied by saying that we’re preforming random acts of kindness, and that he’d love to pay for her coffee. Luckily for us, she accepted his offer and happily walked away.

As I mentioned before, our goal with this campaign is to inspire others to practice kindness and pay it forward. Every act of kindness, regardless of how small, is totally worth the effort. Seeing a smile on a stranger’s face was good enough for me.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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12 Acts of Christmas Kindness

Last year, the events in Newtown, Connecticut encouraged us, and many others across the nation, to participate in random acts of kindness. While each act made Mountain Media feel warm and fuzzy inside, I ask myself, why does it take a tragedy like such for us to preform acts of kindness?

It shouldn’t. For this reason, Mountain Media has decided to celebrate 12 Acts of Christmas Kindness. Each act is not entirely random, but they are some pretty nice gestures. Our goal is to inspire others to practice kindness and pay it forward. We have created a landing page dedicated to our good deeds, and we encourage you to get involved by performing, supporting and inspiring acts of kindness!

Our 12 Acts of Christmas Kindness include:

  1. Donate to Toys For Tots
  2. Take flowers to local hospital
  3. Pick up the tab for a stranger
  4. Bring Santa coffee
  5. Donate to a food pantry
  6. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  7. Give a homeless person a gift card
  8. Leave exact change at the laundry mat
  9. Donate to a local shelter
  10. Give someone a lottery ticket
  11. Bake cookies for local police and fire departments
  12. Donate to a local charity

I leave you with this…

Spread the love! ✌

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