Act of Kindness #3: Bring Food to the Wilton Food Pantry

Many people go hungry in our country. There are about 50 million Americans that struggle with food insecurity. It’s the sad truth, so it was only right to donate to the Wilton Food Pantry for our third act of kindness. The Wilton Food Pantry works with community members, local businesses, stores, and more to help hungry people, as well as educate and inform. Here are a couple facts about the WFP:

-They served 503 residents in Wilton in 2012. Of those 503 residents, 165 were children.
-They WFP averaged 65 visits per month in 2012. They had a high of 89 visits in August.

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Act of Kindness #2: Bring a Random Patient a Bouquet of Flowers

With Christmas being only two weeks away, the staff at Mountain Media thought it would be great to just truly surprise someone who could use it. We decided to pay a visit to the Saratoga Hospital and randomly pick a patient who hasn’t had a lot of visitors.

When we arrived at the Saratoga Hospital, I informed the front desk staff about our Kindness Campaign and the Act we were trying to accomplish. Followed by some smiles, they both decided someone on the Nursing Home Floor would be best choice here.

They gave us directions to the elevator and instructed us to go to the second floor. Off of the elevator, the friendly nursing home staff greeted us. I caught a couple smiles along the way and people were whispering about how pretty the bouquet was. The excitement was building as the nurses discussed who they thought deserved it.

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12 Acts of Christmas Kindness

Last year, the events in Newtown, Connecticut encouraged us, and many others across the nation, to participate in random acts of kindness. While each act made Mountain Media feel warm and fuzzy inside, I ask myself, why does it take a tragedy like such for us to preform acts of kindness?

It shouldn’t. For this reason, Mountain Media has decided to celebrate 12 Acts of Christmas Kindness. Each act is not entirely random, but they are some pretty nice gestures. Our goal is to inspire others to practice kindness and pay it forward. We have created a landing page dedicated to our good deeds, and we encourage you to get involved by performing, supporting and inspiring acts of kindness!

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