Act of Kindness #3: Bring Food to the Wilton Food Pantry

Many people go hungry in our country. There are about 50 million Americans that struggle with food insecurity. It’s the sad truth, so it was only right to donate to the Wilton Food Pantry for our third act of kindness. The Wilton Food Pantry works with community members, local businesses, stores, and more to help hungry people, as well as educate and inform. Here are a couple facts about the WFP:

-They served 503 residents in Wilton in 2012. Of those 503 residents, 165 were children.
-They WFP averaged 65 visits per month in 2012. They had a high of 89 visits in August.

Wilton is a small town, and those are some serious numbers. I once watched a documentary about food insecurity in America, and it was absolutely shocking to see what some people in this country go through. This campaign is an important reminder to be grateful for what I have.

You can donate both online and in person to the Wilton Food Pantry. To find out more, click here.

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