Why Website Design Is So Important for Mobile After COVID-19

The advent of COVID-19 on the world has changed the nature of people’s relationship with the Internet. Even before the pandemic, many people have been amazed by the universality of the Internet in our lives since the rise of smartphones. While most people didn’t imagine it possible, the web became even more central to our day-to-day life after COVID. Stuck at home, people found themselves using the web as a virtual office space for work as well as for most of their socialization with their friends. Since the pandemic has meant more time spent at home for many people, people have been using their smartphones more, even more than the increase in tablet, laptop and desktop use. With more people on their phones and the reality of a global increase in time spent online, companies need to ensure their website design is mobile friendly more than ever before.

In our previous blog post, we mentioned how important it is for a website design to be clean, beautiful and functional, but given the way the world is changing, website design goes even deeper than that. With more people using mobile devices to interact with every aspect of the world, your site must not only be excellent, it must be designed with mobile users specifically in mind.  If your website looks fantastic on a laptop or desktop, but loads slowly or appears awkward on a smartphone, you are turning most of your potential visitors away. The reality is that most people’s primary point of interaction with the Internet is through their mobile devices, and that’s the version of your website you need to be concerned about when it comes to first impressions.

When making your website design, you must keep how a mobile user navigates a site in mind. Visualize how someone scrolling through your site on their tablet may be digesting information. Place calls to action and contact information in easy-to-find places. Ensuring your phone number is in a prominent place and easily clickable so users can tap through to call immediately is key if your website design is focused on conversions. These choices are increasingly important in a world where mobile usage only continues to rise.

For many industries, mobile website design is suddenly exponentially more important due to the decrease in face-to-face interaction since COVID began. If you are in finance, marketing, medicine, or any other number of industries where networking, conferences and in-person meetings are the common first point of contact with potential partners and clients, you found yourself needing a new way to put your best foot forward once COVID started keeping everyone at home. Having an impressive website design is key when more people are now going to get their first impression of your company by looking you up on their phone, rather than speaking to you in a meeting.

Make sure your website design is optimized for mobile as more people use the Internet for every aspect of their socialization and networking. A quality website design might very well be the difference between gaining new clients and going unnoticed. Reach out to the digital marketing experts at Mountain Media to talk about your website design needs and how together we could elevate your company to the next level.

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