Why a Modern Website Design is Key to Your Digital Marketing

Too many companies pour intense amounts of time and resources into digital marketing efforts such as paid ads, blogging, social media marketing, and more when they don’t have the solid foundation that they need to excel. Any successful digital marketing strategy needs a responsive, well designed and fleshed out website to represent your brand. All the digital marketing tactics and strategizing in the world won’t be able to save you if customers stop engaging because your website design isn’t up to par.

The many different aspects of a company’s online presence do not work in separate silos, cordoned off from each other. Successful digital marketing requires that all a company’s online spaces work together, synchronize, and support each other. Branding should be clear and consistent. All your digital marketing should funnel your prospects to a central online space where they can go to learn from, engage with and purchase from you. That space, your online home, should be your website. Your customers are your guests, and you don’t want them to walk into a home that is messy, poorly designed, unappealing, or dysfunctional. Your online ads, business listings and social media profiles should be directing potential clients to a fast, responsive, well-designed website where they can get all the information they need and contact you easily.

Eye-catching, excellent website design is a necessity for your digital marketing efforts to reach their maximum potential in the current market. Everyone has moved some part of their business to an online space. The competition is significantly higher than it was even only a few years ago. With so many brands vying for people’s attention, you need a website design that will immediately leave a positive impression. Basic templates that look as if they were released when Facebook was still a new site simply won’t get anyone to take your company seriously.

Just as important as the visual design of your digital marketing is the content of the website itself. If your website only has a few sentences barely explaining your service or product, Google won’t show you to potential customers and the few folks that do see your website will not think much of it once they get there. Develop and invest in the content of your website. Explain your brand and the benefits you provide clearly, but also in enough detail to keep people engaged. Consider your website design as you flesh out your site with content as well—imagine the way potential customers will navigate your site so your present information in a way that will make sense to them. Google will pick up on the way you benefit your visitors, which will help increase your rankings, and those who visit your site will stay on the path you want them once they are there.

Another important factor to consider is the responsiveness of your website design. Are you only thinking of desktop and laptop users when putting your site together, or are you also considering smartphone and even tablet users? A website that only appeals in one form factor will immediately put off a massive part of your potential customer base. It isn’t controversial to say that most people research products and services on their mobile devices first. Your digital marketing will not succeed if your website design is lacking either when a customer gets their first impression on their smartphone or when they follow up later that day on their desktop.

It’s not easy to compete with countless businesses in your industry, but it’s even harder online when you’re competing with everything else on the Internet just to grab people’s attention. If you want a website design that will give your digital marketing efforts the foundation they need, reach out to us today.

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