Acts of Kindness #11 and #12: Kindness Campaign Comes to an End

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. Between the holidays and workload, the Mountain Media office has been crazy busy. However, despite the chaos, the best part has definitely been participating in our 12 Acts of Christmas Kindness campaign.

Act #11 – This past Monday, we left money at a local laundromat. Almost immediately, we received a message on Facebook from someone thanking us for the donation. While the message was completely unexpected, we brightened someone’s day, which was exactly what we were aiming for.

Monday was also a special day for Mountain Media, as we were featured in The Saratogain for our kindness campaign! Since then, we have received so much positive feedback. We cannot thank everyone enough for supporting us and participating in random acts of kindness throughout this campaign. It means so much to our team!

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Act of Kindness #9: Donate to Shelters of Saratoga

The tragic death of Nancy Pitts has sparked attention within the Saratoga community about how to deal with the homeless population during severe weather. Currently, there are no emergency shelters in Saratoga. However, there are food pantries and organizations like Shelters of Saratoga, who offer the homeless affordable living, warm food, clothing, and life counseling. And today, we had the opportunity to contribute to this great cause!

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Act of Kindness #8: Volunteering at Adirondack Save-A-Stray

For our eighth act of kindness, MacKenzie, Ben, and I volunteered three hours of our morning to the Adirondack Save-A-Stray. What we thought was going to be a fun day of playing with animals turned into a hard few hours of work.

I first, want to start off by applauding the staff and volunteers at the Adirondack Save-A-Stray. These folks do acts of kindness everyday with the way they work to maintain a clean and healthy atmosphere for these stray animals. We experienced first hand that these animals are in the best possible care. Today, the shelter was open to the public between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. However, volunteers and staff members arrived as early as 5 or 6 a.m. to get ready for the day ahead. The SEM team arrived around 9 a.m. and jumped right into the “fun.”

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Act of Kindness #6: Bake Cookies for Local Police & Fire Departments

Every day, the men and women of the Saratoga Police and Fire Departments put their lives on the line to protect our safety. Therefore, for our sixth act of kindness, we wanted to show them that we appreciate what they do. We baked them cookies and brownies and delivered them to their headquarters.

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Acts of Kindness #4 and #5: Small Token of Our Appreciation

While we’d like every act to be as generous as donating to Toys For Tots or the Wilton Food Pantry, it’s simply not possible. For that reason, we’ve preformed a couple acts of kindness to show our fellow citizens a small token of our appreciation.

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