Acts of Kindness #4 and #5: Small Token of Our Appreciation

While we’d like every act to be as generous as donating to Toys For Tots or the Wilton Food Pantry, it’s simply not possible. For that reason, we’ve preformed a couple acts of kindness to show our fellow citizens a small token of our appreciation.

Act #4 – On Thursday, Cassie and I had the opportunity to sneak out of the busy office and venture off to Broadway. Our mission was to find a stranger and give him or her a scratch off. We thought to ourselves, what better place than Saratoga Coffee Traders to find a deserving citizen? Lo and behold, we found Trevor, headphones in, diligently typing away on his laptop. We politely interrupted him by saying, “You’ve just experience a random act of kindness!” He immediately knew what we were doing, as he mentioned participating in a similar campaign back in college. Needless to say, Trevor was the perfect person to surprise that day. He was kind, well-informed and very thankful.

Act #5 – Every Friday at Mountain Media, we enjoy something called Bagel Friday. Our generous boss, James Curley, stops by Uncommon Grounds before work and picks up a dozen bagels and cream cheese. Some days, if we’re really good boys and girls, he whips up some amazing breakfast sandwiches! But that’s besides the point… This morning, I had the pleasure of joining him at Uncommon Grounds for a stealth mission. After placing his weekly order, Jim kindly asked the lady behind him if he could pick up her tab. Surprised, she asked him what for. He simply replied by saying that we’re preforming random acts of kindness, and that he’d love to pay for her coffee. Luckily for us, she accepted his offer and happily walked away.

As I mentioned before, our goal with this campaign is to inspire others to practice kindness and pay it forward. Every act of kindness, regardless of how small, is totally worth the effort. Seeing a smile on a stranger’s face was good enough for me.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Act of Kindness #3: Bring Food to the Wilton Food Pantry

Many people go hungry in our country. There are about 50 million Americans that struggle with food insecurity. It’s the sad truth, so it was only right to donate to the Wilton Food Pantry for our third act of kindness. The Wilton Food Pantry works with community members, local businesses, stores, and more to help hungry people, as well as educate and inform. Here are a couple facts about the WFP:

-They served 503 residents in Wilton in 2012. Of those 503 residents, 165 were children.
-They WFP averaged 65 visits per month in 2012. They had a high of 89 visits in August.

Wilton is a small town, and those are some serious numbers. I once watched a documentary about food insecurity in America, and it was absolutely shocking to see what some people in this country go through. This campaign is an important reminder to be grateful for what I have.

You can donate both online and in person to the Wilton Food Pantry. To find out more, click here.

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Act of Kindness #2: Bring a Random Patient a Bouquet of Flowers

With Christmas being only two weeks away, the staff at Mountain Media thought it would be great to just truly surprise someone who could use it. We decided to pay a visit to the Saratoga Hospital and randomly pick a patient who hasn’t had a lot of visitors.

When we arrived at the Saratoga Hospital, I informed the front desk staff about our Kindness Campaign and the Act we were trying to accomplish. Followed by some smiles, they both decided someone on the Nursing Home Floor would be best choice here.

They gave us directions to the elevator and instructed us to go to the second floor. Off of the elevator, the friendly nursing home staff greeted us. I caught a couple smiles along the way and people were whispering about how pretty the bouquet was. The excitement was building as the nurses discussed who they thought deserved it.

They decided on a lovely little lady named Vilma. They led us to the dining room where Vilma was eating lunch with her friends. She was so confused at first, but once she realized we were giving her flowers, a couple tears started to shed. I got down on her level and asked how she was. I introduced myself and wanted to let her know that I was thinking about her. I wished her a Happy Holiday and asked her if she would take a picture with me. After a couple tries we finally got her to look at the camera. I left the bouquet with the nurses and headed out. Just before I left the lunchroom I looked back and shot her with one of the biggest smiles and waved goodbye. The smile on her face as she waved back is something I will forever take with me. Mission complete. I knew that we had just made her day.

The best part about this whole experience, is knowing that Vilma will continue to smile every time she sees those flowers. I feel extremely blessed to not only be a part of Mountain Media, but to have had the opportunity to do something as special as this.

To see more pictures from the day, check out Mountain Media’s Facebook Page! Stay tuned for more stories to come. The fun is just getting started!



Thank you to The Posie Peddler for the beautiful holiday bouquet. Your store is adorable and I can’t wait to explore more of it on my free time.

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